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E’s 3rd bday

All I have to say is that this is the best worst idea I’ve ever had.  To take on party planning on top of a full time business and being a full time mom to a toddler and a baby is pure madness and pinterest instigates it!!! In years past we have had small get togethers for E’s bday seeing as though I knew he had no idea what was actually happening and didn’t see the point on spending all the time and energy on it, but this year was different, he went on and on about his birthday for weeks so we wanted to do something special for him, something that would make him excited and happy! he loves trains but that’s what we did last year so that was out, but then after a few minutes of research we came up with the idea of a monster bash! so I started pinning like a mad woman and in 2 weeks I managed (with the help of my dear friend Sarah and my sister) to not only plan and decorate a party for 20 kids and 30 adults but also hand sew monster party favors for each child, bake everything (including the cake) from scratch and make all the food!!! WOOHOO!! how do you ask? well the answer is I have no idea, it really is all one giant blur but I’m sure that coffee IV’s were involved hahaha all in I couldn’t have been happier with the result and the kids absolutely loved it!!! E had a blast and was so happy!! So here are the pics that my friends took (isn’t it awesome to have photog friends that can take awesome pics for ya at your kid’s party!??) Thank you so much to everyone that came out to celebrate with us and all of you lovely ladies who helped me out to make this happen!! We love you!PINThis is the cover of the facebook event I designed for his invitations (I know, I know, I should probably print it out but I am horrible about that!! the monsters on the invitation came from Etsy)PINPINPINThese little handmade cuties were truly a labor of love (do you see the kind of crazy that I’m talking about now??) They stood about 9″ and each had a different pattern (they were made out of super soft flannel) and each had a different face.  I wouldn’t have been able to finish these if it weren’t for the help of my favorite red (Sarah) and my lovely sister who as always jump in to save me from my own over achieving ways.  The hardest part was making their tiny arms!! We used the monsters in the adopt-a-monster activity by hiding plastic eggs around the house that each contained a number matching a doll.  The kids loved it!!

PINPINI’m really really proud of my hubby for helping me make this yummy cakeballs! they are cookies and cream on the inside! the cake was super easy to make (you can find the recipe here) to make the cake balls I put the cooled cake in the food processor and mixed the crumbs with the icing until it had the texture of brownie batter.  Then I used a cookie scoop to make sure they were all the same size and I had my sister shape them into balls with her hands and place them on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and stuck them in the freezer.   Once we were ready to decorate I used candy melts in different colors (I used both the Make and Mold and Wilton kind and the Make and Mold are by far superior in taste and consistency! you can find them at Hobby lobby) and added a very small amount of gulf wax to the melted chocolate to keep it from hardening too fast and make it easier to coat the balls.  Because they were still frozen the candy set super fast so we lined parchment paper and used bamboo sticks to dip the balls in the chocolate and set them on the paper.  We used the left over melted candy, a piping tool and ziploc bags to make the monster “hair” and stuck candy eyes on them and we had our monster army!! PINThis cake was my pride and joy,  as it turns out I royally SUCK at baking but I worked so hard to make this and I feel like it turned out awesome! the bottom cake was 12″ Chocolate cake with nutella icing and I can honestly say it was one of the best chocolate cakes I’ve ever eaten!! the recipe was so ridiculously easy that I am scared for my waist line.  the top layer was 9″ and it was an old fashioned strawberry cake with real strawberry icing, also delish and forgiving as I burnt the crap out of it and it still tasted like heaven! lol This was also my first experience using fondant and I have to say it was very very challenging but I guess it could have turned out way worst! Making the monsters on the cake were probably the funnest part of it all! 🙂PINPINPINPINWatermelon monster the hubster carved out for me 🙂PINI stuck googly eyes on everything in sight and called it a monster! BEHOLD THE PEPPER MONSTER!!!!!PINMonster sandwiches for the kiddos (recipe here, Pinterest NAILED IT!!)PINPINMy brother actually made this monster out of a piece of drawing paper I picked up at Hobby lobby for $1 and my sister drew the background and made the eyeballs.  The kids really loved it and they each got a turn to pin the eyeballs wherever they wanted.  We didn’t do a bunch of activities except for giving the kids ugly doll tattoos, this and the piñata, I had originally planned to let them go outside and play for a while but it rained all morning. It ended up working out great since their attention spam is so short and they all had a blast!PINWe got to sing his birthday song twice! (English and Spanish) and he was so proud of himself for blowing out the candle on his own 🙂PINPINPINFor presents we asked our friends to pick out a toy from their own collection or something they no longer played with rather than buying something new, he was so excited to open presents this year!!PINPINThis is what happens when you stick 15+ toddlers in 1 room…. CHAOS!PINPINTo apace the crazy savages we made a call for the piñata and once again the prospect of candy made them all happy and excited!PINPINPINPINPINPINPINOf course no party in my house would ever be complete without a photo op of some sort so I decided to do a photobooth for the kids and asked them to give me their loudest monster roar, I have to say they are so stinking cute I can’t even handle it! lol some of decided to ignore completely in the midst of their sugar high but it also made for some pretty awesome pictures 🙂PINPINPINPINPINPINPINOn the left my little Sister Dani and Ethan (she also celebrated her 23rd bday that day!!! love you gorda!) and on the right a rare picture of me and the kiddos 🙂PINafter everyone went home I started to do some clean up and suddenly I heard the stillness of an empty house settle in, I looked for E and found him laying on the floor quietly counting the balloons on the ceiling.  Here he is showing the bike he got from us in front of our door monster, Thank you Michelle for such a great capture!PINEllie slept throughout most of the party but once she saw the sparkles on this scooter she was entertained for a solid hour 🙂PINPINPINThank you to all of you who came and all of you who sent us love and well wishes that day, seeing him so happy made my heart swell! next year chuck-e-cheese it is!PINCake, candy, decorations, photo booth, food, cute kiddos and ugly monsters by me and my awesome friends and family

photography credit:  Sarah Hester and Michelle Kersey

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